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About VPMS

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VPMS is located in Langelsheim,  a town in the district of Goslar, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It was established in Dec 2020, on the site formerly owned by Recylex / PPM Pure Metals.

This area of Germany has a long history in metals production. Herzog Juliushütte, a 'Bleihütte' founded in 1575 and the name of the settlement that came into being, is now part of Langelsheim.

With over 65 years of Minor Metal production on this site, our dedicated specialists develop, produce and recycle minor metals and their compounds, working closely with innovators worldwide.

The site covers over 170,000m² of land and has >20,000m² of covered building space. A railway runs through the site and divides it into a north and south area.

Company History

Markets and Applications

Main Markets and Applications


Thin Film


Compound Semiconductors


Optics and Infrared
Advanced Sensors



Sputtering targets
Evaporation materials
Solar products
Thin film accessories

Wafer substrates
Electronic gases
Metalorganic sources
High purity metals

IR laser materials
IR thermal imaging materials
Detector materials

Advanced sensors

High purity minor metals
Minor metal products

Minor metal alloys


Technology and Innovation

Minor metals have strategic importance for emerging technologies and development of innovative product strategies for a sustainable future. We work closely with our supply chain, our customers and technology partners who share the same demands for the highest levels of innovation and commitment to sustainable development. Simply selling products has never been enough for us. 

Investment in our people, R&D, high technology equipment, new product standards, quality control systems and process development enable new value creation models. Ongoing development of our production, recycling and regeneration technologies enable us to move from an unsustainable linear economy to a circular one. 


Research and Development

Investment into product research, our people, processes and equipment ensures that we achieve our customer demands and enable innovators with new products.

Our expertise ensures efficient use of energy and natural resources, reducing consumption and emissions and minimising the impact on our world.


Closed Loop Solutions

We are proud to be recognised as the industrial leader for closed-loop solutions and recycling of minor metals.

Working with experts in industry and academia ensures that we stay at the forefront of innovation to achieve the highest quality and most responsible manufacturing processes.


Technology & Partnerships

We share our customers demands for the highest levels of innovation.

Collaboration with our value chains, customers and global communities enable us to harness and deploy new innovations, developing our organisational capability and capacity to deliver quality products for positive change.

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