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Recycling Services

VPMS provides recycling services for all minor metal containing waste streams and industrial by-products. With our proven, state-of-the-art metal recovery processes, we provide sustainable value creation.

We can recycle materials from industrial applications worldwide and offer full product lifecycle support and services for process scrap and end-of-life products.

Typical material waste streams include:

  • filtercakes

  • sludges

  • waste water streams

  • filters

  • drosses, ashes

  • sawdust

  • slags

  • off-specification materials

Metallurgy is the core of our business. We deploy a wide range of hydro- and pyrometallurgical processes that have been developed and optimised by our experts over many years. For every material waste stream we custom-design processes to ensure highest metal recovery rates and lowest environmental impact.

Our engineers offer technical support and guidance to customers and suppliers that want to increase process efficiencies and recycling rates creating lasting partnerships committed to efficient use of resources.

VPMS offers a holistic approach to recycling:

  • Legal Compliance: fully licensed recycling site, adhering to all local and global rules and regulations.

  • Transport of waste and by-products: expert knowledge of trans-boundary movement of waste metals and products, (including Basel regulated materials) and ensure efficient and safe movement.

  • Global presence: our global offices take care of regional communications anywhere in the world.

  • Classification , packing, import and export, duties:  we ensure clear information about classification, labelling, packing and transportation.


Closed Loop Solutions

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