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Closed Loop Solutions

Sustainability is fundamental to how we engage with our stakeholders worldwide.

We assist industrial customers to reuse their minor and rare metal wastes which would otherwise be stockpiled or disposed of in landfills or other waste streams. 

VPMS uses high efficiency, customised recycling technologies to regenerate metal waste to pure metal for our customers to reuse. This closed-loop solution reduces the demand for natural resources, saves energy, reduces costs, preserves our ecosystem and enables a move from an unsustainable linear economy to a circular one.


In our closed loop partnerships, we work together with customers to identify different recycling streams during their production process and propose a customised or dedicated solution for each one.

Customers have the option to keep metals in a metal account at our premises, potentially decoupling from market price fluctuations. When a new order is placed, the customer has the option to use metal from the account or to use fresh metal at standard market conditions as raw material for the end-product.

Industrial Storage

Strategic Supply Partnerships

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