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Selenium occurs in an amorphous form (red selenium) or as a grey silvery metal. The amorphous form is a glass-like solid while the metal form is soft.

Under influence of light the electrical conductivity increases. Photoconductivity is an outstanding physical property of crystalline selenium.

Forms Supplied

Pure metal:

  • 99.99% (4N) purity

  • 99.999% (5N) purity


  • Selenium dioxide (SeO2)

  • Sodium selenite (Na2SeO3)

  • Zinc selenite (ZnSeO3)

  • Sodium selenate (Na2SeO4)

  • Selenous acid (H2Se03)

  • Sodium hydrogen selenite (NaHSeO3)

  • Barium selenite (BaSeO3)

  • Potassium selenite (K2SeO3)

  • Sodium selenate decahydrate (Na2SeO4.10H2O)

  • Barium selenate (BaSeO4)

  • Potassium selenate (K2SeO4)

  • Selenium dimethyldithiocarbamate (C12H24N4S8Se)

  • Selenium sulfide (SeS2)


  • Selenium Arsenic (As2Se3)

  • Iron selenide (FeSe)

Typical Applications

  • Pharmaceutical manufacture.

  • Infrared optics.

  • Alloy solders used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices.

  • Widely used for the manufacture of pigments.

  • Provides essential micronutrients in animal feeds.

  • Catalyst materials.

  • Electrolytic processing of manganese.

Minor Metals, Compounds and Chemicals

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