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Vital Pure Metal Solutions (VPMS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Vital Materials Group, global leader in minor metals-based products.

Located in Langelsheim, Germany, VPMS develops, produces and recycles ultra-pure minor metals and compounds used for high technology and low-carbon industries such as semiconductor, telecommunications, thin-film solar, optoelectronics, clean energy, and advanced sensors. 

With world-leading recycling processes, regenerative technologies and circular material flows, we empower innovators of emerging technologies and new product strategies that support a sustainable future.

Our Products and Services

We are a leading producer of rare and minor metals in different shapes, chemical forms and compounds. Click on any of the metals below to find out more, or contact us direct with any of your questions or demands.

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Recycling Services

Our optimised recycling processes regenerate high-purity metals from metal waste. These are reused for customer applications.


This closed-loop solution reduces the demand for natural resources, saves energy, reduces costs, preserves our ecosystem and enables a move from an unsustainable linear economy to a circular one.

Our Key Differentiators 

Quality and

Our comprehensive quality assurance capabilities test our ultra pure products (with impurities down to parts per billion) and routinely cross-checked against international standards by third parties.

Main Markets and Applications


Thin Film


Compound Semiconductors


Optics and Infrared
Advanced Sensors



Sputtering targets
Evaporation materials
Solar products
Thin film accessories

Wafer substrates
Electronic gases
Metalorganic sources
High purity metals

IR laser materials
IR thermal imaging materials
Detector materials

Advanced sensors

High purity minor metals
Minor metal products

Minor metal alloys


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